DSCN0084RYSA ( Runda Youth Sports Association) is registered in Kenya as a youth sports association with the mission of enhancing youth potential through sports and education. RYSA envisions, transformed and actively engaged youth focusing on society development. RYSA is currently running its activities in Githogoro and Huruma villages near Runda Estate. An approximate 500 youth participate in RYSA activities annually.






Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for young people living in poverty in urban slum areas of Githogoro and Mji wa Huruma.

This is done through:- Economic empowerment through capacity building for income generating activities, Access to tertiary education through bursaries and scholarships, Sports and Environmental awareness and care



Main Objective

The main objective is to empower the youth into becoming a transformed and actively engaged populace for society development


RYSA has achieved most of its objectives following technical and financial support provided largely by the Rotary Club of Karura, APA/APOLLO Group Investment and Älmuhlt Linnebygdens Rotary Club Sweden.



RYSA has engaged youths between 8-17 years in their soccer and environmental clean-up activities. Most of these kids attend Cheleta Primary; a Nairobi City County Government run school. Cheleta Primary School is a public school located in the neighbourhood of Runda Estate in Nairobi. Most of its 860 pupils live in low income areas including Huruma, Githogoro and Ruaka villages within the neighbourhood. IMG_0841-e1428583921493-1024x487 For many years, academic performance at the school had been below average with only a few pupils proceeding to high school. In 2008, RYSA through corporate partnerships introduced scholarships to secondary schools for top performing boy and girl at Cheleta. Consequently, the ongoing scholarship program has seen a remarkable improvement in academic performance at the school. Outstanding pupils continue to access full secondary education with some of the beneficiaries currently pursuing degree courses.

 Currently RYSA has 15 students in various high schools on full scholarships. Owing to the improved performances, the number of students in need of the scholarships has steadily 10830674_10206823322367496_2069520855236097870_o556789_4766751322476_153308058_n