20160416_152109Football is the core sporting activity of RYSA. Through football, RYSA has been able to bring together over 800 young people from Githogoro and Huruma slums since it serves as a strong galvanizing and binding force for young people. The youth are also taken for short leadership and management training courses including business planning and management, life skills, football coaching and officiating.422912_332332350148029_2064989076_n


There are two categories of players. Players in the age bracket of 16 years and above play for RYSA Senior Team while the rest are categorized and grouped as juniors in U-12 years and U-14 year olds. Junior category competitions are held during school breaks; i.e. in April, August and December. The last was held in December 2014. The next competition will be held in April 2015. The best teams are awarded with soccer jerseys and school equipment including stationeries. The occasion is also utilized in mentoring the students and stressing the need to work hard both at school and in the field of play.


As a result of excelling in football, RYSA participates annually in Football Kenya Federation (FKF) leagues around Nairobi. At the last edition (2014), RYSA Senior Team was ranked 4th at the Nairobi County Branch. They are now (2015) elevated and will be playing in the Nairobi Provincial League. RYSA hopes to improve and qualify for the Nationwide category. RYSA will be reaching out to supporters for additional sports equipment as well as trave20160405_181351l expenses for away matches. SDC10600