Income generating (RYSA Cyber café) 

RYSA believes that information is power and that education provides the means of escaping poverty. Therefore, RYSA has been working to enable youth access the skills and knowledge required to actively participate in the economy. In 2012, RYSA sought assistance from collaborators and was granted 25 computers and furniture to set up a cyber café. Some of the furniture was donated to schools, churches and a police station – this partly explains why RYSA enjoys immense goodwill in the community. The cyber café started operations in May 2013 offering internet services, photocopying, printing, and scanning and computer classes. In addition it acts as a study area for students and an office to coordinate RYSA activities. The income from the cyber café has helped in meeting some of the organizational recurrent expenditures such as rent. 

RYSA Cyber Café is a unique business in Githogoro Village offering internet and computing services in a comfortable environment. The services is easily accessible and affordable to customers from the community and surrounding areas that usually travel to distant places in search of internet, printing, Scanning, lamination and photocopying services.DSCF7064

The new site is strategic to the flow of human traffic. It is next to a busy bus stop and government administrative office of the Chief along the Northern Bypass road. It is also adjacent to an access road to the more affluent Runda Estate. Quite a number of the domestic staff, drivers and security guards employed in Runda live in Githogoro and therefore use this route every so often


RYSA Cyber Café is appealing to individuals of all ages. The instructional internet classes and helps appeal to the audience that does not associate itself with the internet age. This educational aspect attracts both young and elderly members of the community who are rapidly gaining interest in the unique opportunities that online communications offers.


Business Ownership

RYSA Cyber Café is owned by the Runda Youth Sports Association. There is an Advisory Board whose members are drawn from stakeholders and a management committee to oversee operation