Gothia Cup Sweden

RYSA got the first opportunity to participate in the Gothia World Youth Cup Tournament in Gothenburg Sweden in 1998 but unfortunately, we did not participate, as we were unable to raise the money for the air travel. We may have missed the opportunity but we kept our hope alive! We were invited for last year’s Youth Cup Tournament, which through RYSA MARAFIKI and the community we were able to send a team of 16 players and leaders. The tournament was held on 16th – 22nd July 2017. You can imagine the excitement of the players and the community flying for the first time and being in foreign country. While in Sweden, the team was exposed to a well-organized tournament that had experienced players from different countries and the competition was on another level that our players were not used to. The fields and style of officiating the matches was on an international standard. Our players made friends from different countries including Iceland, Norway, Sweden and England. In fact, we became very good friends with the Norwegians to appoint they want us to participate in Norway cup this year. We always keep in touch through skype. More benefits gained from the trip was that our players gained so much experience that their level of play and discipline has really improved which has impacted many other players in the community. We also established contacts with a few Swedish clubs that are planning to donate soccer equipment to us. Three of our players who completed their primary school education were offered full scholarships for high school education. The team came back with many gifts that they shared with their families. Beside playing soccer, the benefits gotten by the team from the trip were overwhelming. The tournament was a great and unforgettable experience for the team.20108638_329478644176625_3397856020607899630_n 20156158_328802850910871_2405335310675784322_n 20228825_10155461955489593_2077057330694307514_n 20229144_329112004213289_3738475050400543610_n