Matumaini Shootback Team

RYSA children get behind the lens

Peter offered students basic photography skills and developed ways for them to share their stories by documenting their everyday experiences.

IMG_8059How did the idea emerge?

Being an aspiring photographer, the idea to approach photography differently with this opportunity came to me a bit before my visit to Norway. Rather than playing the role of the traditional observer, documenting my own personal experience and stories from behind the lens, I wanted to share my passion for photography with the community I was going to be working with in a way that would lead to rewarding and memorable interactions. 


What kind of photographic guidance, if any, did you give to the children?11898730_10206076071158206_7346547289799236564_n

At the beginning of the project, the guidance was pretty lax. As the weeks went on and the novelty of the cameras lessened, I went on to teach them some photographic concepts, giving assignments and holding short critiques, all with the help of the local counterparts working with RYSA.